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Muscular Imbalance With Scoliosis: Which Side Is Weaker?

15 May 2024, by

Although scoliosis is a spinal condition, it doesn’t just affect the back; it also impacts...

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Can A Chiropractor Treat Scoliosis? [What You Should Know]

1 May 2024, by

What patients should know about being diagnosed with scoliosis is that the way a diagnosis...

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What is a Harrington Rod For Scoliosis? Surgery Pros and Cons

17 Apr 2024, by

A Harrington rod for scoliosis is instrumentation used in spinal fusion; it’s attached to the...

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What Is Straight Back Syndrome? Can It Be Treated?

3 Apr 2024, by

If the spine becomes excessively straight, this is contrary to its natural curved design. It’s...

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Scoliosis and Swimming: Recommendation and Treatment

20 Mar 2024, by

As scoliosis was first described and documented in the ancient world, the medical community has...

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S-Shaped Scoliosis: What Is It? Does It Need Treatment?

6 Mar 2024, by

No two cases of scoliosis are the same, which is why treatment plans need to...

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What Is Hypolordosis? Symptoms and Treatment Options

21 Feb 2024, by

A spine with its healthy curves in place will appear straight from the front and/or...

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What is Lumbar Lordosis & How to Fix Lumbar Lordosis

19 Feb 2024, by

The spine’s natural and healthy curves are key to preserving optimal spinal health, strength, and...

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Does Scoliosis Ever Correct Itself? Can Scoliosis Be Reversed?

9 Feb 2024, by

There are a number of spinal conditions that cause the development of unhealthy curves, but...

How Can I Reverse Scoliosis Naturally? Can It Be Done?

How Can I Reverse Scoliosis Naturally? Can It Be Done?

8 Jan 2024, by

For people recently diagnosed with scoliosis, they have a lot of questions, one of which...