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Expert Scoliosis Center

Comprehensive Scoliosis Treatment

Our center specializes in providing comprehensive treatment for spine scoliosis, tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Every patient receives a customized treatment plan that takes into account their age, and overall health, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

3D body scan with Brace scan

We utilize the 3D scanning and design technology to create personalized braces for scoliosis patients, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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The Clear Scoliosis Protocols & Treatment

Whether you’re “watching & waiting” for your scoliosis to get worse, or considering bracing or surgery, we can help you.

The MIX, FIX, SET protocol is relatively painless, but the patient may experience some mild stretching discomfort during the initial onset of treatment as the body adapts and heals in its newly corrected position. Some patients have reported mild muscle soreness the day after treatment. It is extremely rare that a patient is unable to complete treatment due to physical discomfort.

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Experience the Difference in Scoliosis Care

Since our doors opened, we have been committed to providing personalized care that improves our patients’ quality of life. We’ve been very successful at accomplishing that.

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Scoliosis Brace

ScoliBrace Certified Provider

The ScoliBrace system is renowned for its super-corrective effect. By gently guiding the body and spine into their over-corrected or mirror-image position, this innovative brace design has shown remarkable results. In many cases, it leads to a reduction in curve size, alongside noticeable improvements in rib humping, shoulder level, and the overall appearance of the body.

We are dedicated to bringing the most advanced and effective scoliosis bracing solutions to our patients. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient-centric care, we are here to make a positive impact on your scoliosis journey. Join us in experiencing the future of scoliosis treatment.

Scoliosis Specialists

Comprehensive Scoliosis Care Center

Are you searching for expert scoliosis treatment near you? At Atlanta Scoliosis Center, we specialize in providing personalized, non-surgical treatment options to help you achieve better spinal health. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering the best care for conditions such as scoliosis and muscle imbalance.

Our Treatments Include:

  • Clear Scoliosis Treatment: Utilizing the Clear Scoliosis Protocol, we offer innovative and effective non-surgical solutions to manage and reduce spinal curvature.
  • ScoliBrace: This advanced bracing system uses 3D scanning technology to create custom braces designed to correct scoliosis.
  • Holistic Approaches: We provide comprehensive care that addresses the root causes of scoliosis and related conditions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Top Scoliosis Specialists Near You: Our clinics in Newnan and Alpharetta, GA are staffed with leading experts in scoliosis treatment.
  • Non-Surgical Solutions: We focus on treating scoliosis without surgery, offering safe and effective alternatives to traditional surgical methods.
  • Personalized Care: Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual needs of our patients, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Whether you’re looking for a “scoliosis specialist near me” or need information on how to fix scoliosis without surgery, Atlanta Scoliosis Center is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your consultation.


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